American Honda Motor Co Inc—Honda TRX500FE and TRX500FM ATVs


Product description

Honda All Terrain Four Wheeled Motorcycles

Identifying features

1HFTE38UXC4000002 to 1HFTE38U1C4001801 (2012 TRX500FM)
1HFTE38U0C4060001 to 1HFTE38UXC4061320 (2012 TRX500FE)
1HFTE38U2D4100001 to 1HFTE38U1D4100300 (2013 TRX500FM)
1HFTE38U5D4160001 to 1HFTE38U9D4160180 (2013 TRX500FE)

What are the defects?

During the assembly process, some slight bending of the steering shaft may have occurred, causing microscopic cracks to appear. If left unchecked, this may result in breaking of the shaft during normal use.

What are the hazards?

If the shaft breaks, loss of control of the steering will occur, which may cause the rider to crash.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should contact their local Honda dealer and arrange to have their machines inspected and, if necessary, repaired at the earliest possible opportunity.