BMW Group Australia Ltd — K21 0A06, 0A16; K21/11, 0J01 & 0J03 Motorcycles


Product description

K21 0A06, 0A16; K21/11, 0J01, 0J03
CPA 31817 -105935

What are the defects?

The screws retaining the right fixed baring stud, fixing the rear wheel swinging arm may come loose from the frame.

What are the hazards?

If the swing arm comes loose from the frame, it may rider to lose control of the motorcycle, posing an accident hazard.

What should consumers do?

Known owners will be contacted by BMW Motorrad Australia or a BMW Dealer. Consumers may contact an authorised BMW Service Centre or call the BMW Group Customer Interaction Centre on 1800 813 299 to arrange a repair. Consumers can also contact BMW Group Australia website http//