Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd — Honda Marine BF250 iST outboard motor


BF250 iST engine and controller

Product description

Honda intelligent shift and throttle (iST) is a factory fitted option to the Honda BF250 outboard motor.

What are the defects?

Due to a loose or intermittent ground wire connection of the iST gearshift actuator, the position sensor may not recognise the true NEUTRAL position.

What are the hazards?

Remote possibility for the outboard motor to shift unexpectedly into FORWARD or REVERSE gear while the control head is in the NEUTRAL position, causing the vessel to move abruptly.
The engine may remain locked in gear when the operator shifts into NEUTRAL from FORWARD or REVERSE gear.

What should consumers do?

Replacement parts should be available from March 2017. Owners of affected motors will be contacted when parts are available and can take their motors to an authorised Honda marine dealer for repair.

Owners are strongly recommended to stop using their motors until they have been repaired.

Further information is available from Honda Marine and Power Equipment's Customer Relations Department by phoning 03 9270 1348 or emailing