Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd — Jayco Freedom Campervan TH.15



Product description

B-class Motorhome built in a Toyota Hiace shell

What are the defects?

It is a requirement of gas regulation AS/NZS5601.2:2013 that no downward facing flammable material may be within 450mm, taken from the highest part of the highest burner, in the airspace directly above the entire cooking appliance.

What are the hazards?

The material above the gas cooker may catch alight and pose a fire hazard and/or cause serious injury to occupants.

What should consumers do?

Consumers are advised to contact their nearest Jayco authorised repairer. Repair kits will be provided to the Jayco authorised repair and service network to bring these RVs into compliance by removing the carpeted timber from above the stove and replacing it with a stainless steel panel.