Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd—Selected Jayco Caravans


Product description

Selected Jayco Caravans

Identifying features

Selected Chassis Numbers between P70038 & R72141

What are the defects?

Six Jayco caravans will require a heavier duty jack to be supplied as the current jacks do not meet requirements. In addition, 126 vans require a new safety sticker be fitted to the jack.

What are the hazards?

Should the jack supplied be used it may not withstand the weight of the van and collapse.

What should consumers do?

The owners of the 126 vans that require a sticker replaced will be sent new stickers in the mail or they can book in at the nearest Jayco Dealer or Service Agent to have the sticker replaced.

The remaining 6 vans that require a new Jack, the customers will be called directly and a new jack will be sent to the home address and the customer is requested to remove the old jack from the van and dispose of it.

For further information contact your local Jayco dealer.