Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd—Starcraft Caravan


Product description

Selected Starcraft caravans fitted with an air-conditioner.

Identifying features

Selected caravans between chassis number M71056 and N80247 (see attached document for full list).

Campaign Number: JC0029
Target Number: 386

What are the defects?

The air-conditioner compressor may have been wired incorrectly, reversing the polarity and operating the compressor in reverse.

What are the hazards?

There are no hazards presented by the product unless consumers attempt to repair it themselves.

Please contact your nearest Jayco Dealer or authorised Jayco Service agent for rectification by an electrician.

What should consumers do?

Customers should contact their nearest Jayco Dealer or Jayco Authorised Service Agent and arrange to have the caravan inspected and rectified if required.

For further information please call the Jayco Service Department on Free Call 1800 331 601.