Jayco—Various Jayco Caravans and Campers


Product description

Various models fitted with a 2000kg axle and 12 inch drums

Identifying features

Certain caravans and campers between chassis numbers N12174 and P70111

Campaign Number: JC0031
Target Number: 1392

What are the defects?

Some wheel nuts supplied may have varying tolerance between the stud and nut threads, which may cause thread damage.

What are the hazards?

There is a risk of the wheels loosening and becoming detached at speed, causing a sudden loss of control.

What should consumers do?

Contact Lube Mobile on 133032 to arrange for the replacement of the wheel nuts and any wheel studs that are damaged. If consumers are located in an area that isn't serviced by Lube Mobile, they should call Jayco on 1800 331 601 (or 03 8972 2136 in Victoria) to arrange for the repair to be completed.