Jeep mishandled complaints


All car manufactures like to see communities growing based on their products. Car clubs, events and social media groups have been setup by passionate supporters of manufactures.  However there are a growing number of communities being setup in protest against manufactures.

Consumers have been complaining about Jeep for years now, some complaints are about the warranties not covering off-road use of the vehicles, even though Jeeps advertising targets such consumers in some cases.
Other complaints are much more than just how the vehicle can be driven. In a lot of cases it is because the vehicle cannot be driven at all. And when dealers and manufactures ignore or try to push consumers away instead of resolving the issue, communities grow.

Ashton Wood created a media sensation with his “Destroy My Jeep” campaign after Jeep refused to acknowledge Ashton’s consumer rights. The end result:

When another Australian Teggy bought a Jeep that turned out to be a lemon was ignored he turned to music. His music created such hype the media couldn’t ignore it.

However Jeeps response to Teggy’s case was not deemed acceptable by Teggy. Slapped with a “Gag order” Teggy again went back to the studio and made another hit song “I’m sexy and I tow it”.

And if that wasn’t enough. Joe and Kate became so fed up after a 3 year battle with Dodge, they decided to take it to another level. Not wanting anyone else to end up with their Dodge Journey and after Jeep decided not acknowledge their consumer rights, it was time to bring in the big guns.

We have received a number of complaints about Jeeps and FCA Australia. However we have not been able to get anyone at FCA Australia to respond to our requests to interview. So we will ask FCA Australia publically. Have you changed your policies on complaints handling? And will you include a “Lemon” clause in your new car contracts?