Jurgens Australia—Jurgens Caravans and Jurgens Pop-Tops


Product description

PT-series pop-tops and J-series caravans

Identifying features

Caravan chassis numbers from C1400038 to C1501451
Pop-Top chassis numbers from P1400146 to P1501191

What are the defects?

Due to incorrect wiring to the refrigerator during installation, the fridge gas burner may attempt to ignite by creating a spark at the time the tow vehicle ignition is turned off.

What are the hazards?

If the fridge gas ignition system attempts to ignite as a result of the incorrect installation and any combustible vapour is present, such as when refueling the tow vehicle, this poses a potential fire hazard.

What should consumers do?

1. If there is any risk of being exposed to combustible vapours such as refuelling at a fuel station, ensure that the fridge is turned OFF. The fridge ON/OFF switch is located on the fridge face control panel. NOTE: in the absences of exposure to combustible vapour e.g. fuel station, the fridge can be turned on & operate normally.
2. Please contact your nearest Jurgens Dealership or Jurgens service centre to arrange a booking to have the rectification work done as required. Refer Jurgens.com.au for your nearest dealer or service agents. There will be no cost to the consumer for this specific rectification.
3. If you are no longer the owner of an affected caravan, please notify Jurgens Australia by calling 03 5943 7700.