Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd—Kawasaki Teryx Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUV)


Product description

KRT800CEF (2014 Teryx4 LE)
KRF800CEF (2014 Teryx LE)

Identifying features

KRT800CEF – JKBRTCC1?EB502041 to JKBRTCC1?EB503642
KRF800CEF – JKBRFCC1?EB500102 to JKBRFCC1?EB501480

What are the defects?

Under certain conditions the top layer of the drive belt could peel off, leading to the belt breaking, and the vehicle losing drive.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs this poses an accident hazard to the driver and bystanders.

What should consumers do?

Customers with affected units will be contacted by mail. Consumers with affected units should contact their local Authorised Kawasaki RUV Dealership to book in their vehicle for replacement of the drive belt. Consumers closest dealerships can be found on the Kawasaki Website.