Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd — KSF50B & KSF90A All Terrain Vehicles



Product description

Children's recreational 89cc ATV
Model No. KSF90A
Selected MY 2012-2017 vehicles

Children's recreational 49cc ATV
Model No. KSF50B
Selected MY 2013-2017 vehicles

What are the defects?

Under certain conditions fuel can leak from the fuel tap when it is turned to operate the valve.

What are the hazards?

This has the potential to cause a fire.

What should consumers do?

Affected owners will be contacted by direct mail. Owners should return the vehicle to an authorised Kawasaki dealer to have a revised fuel tap fitted.

For assistance locating a Kawasaki dealer consumers can go to http://www.kawasaki.com.au/dealers/find-a-dealer