Mazda Australia Pty Ltd — Mazda BT-50


Product description

Mazda BT-50 (UR) with Manual Transmission

What are the defects?

The gearshift cable retaining clip may not be fully engaged, which could lead to the gearshift cables moving out of position and contacting the propeller shaft.

What are the hazards?

Continued contact between the gearshift cables and the propeller shaft could cause damage to both, which may result in difficulty changing gears or loss of drive. This may pose an accident risk to the vehicle occupants and other road users.

What should consumers do?

Mazda Australia will contact all affected owners by mail. Owners will be advised to contact their local dealer to arrange for an inspection and repair of the vehicle.

Consumers who require further information should contact Mazda Australia on 1800 034 411 between 9:30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.