The Motorhome Conversion Company — Various motorhomes


Product description

Various vehicles converted into motorhomes by The Motorhome Conversion Company at Slacks Creek, Queensland.

What are the defects?

1. Main run of gas piping to the cooker (and the BBQ, if fitted) is located internally instead of outside the motorhome.
2. Some BBQs (where fitted) are permanently connected to the gas pipe when in the stowed position.
3. The LPG cylinder compartment vent hole may be undersized.
4. Instruction labelling missing or incomplete, for example
a) Cylinder compartment label may be missing information
b) Internal upper and lower vents may be missing a warning label that states that the vent must remain unrestricted during use of LPG
c) The cooker may be missing a label stating that ventilation is required when the cooker is in use and that the cooker must not be used for space heating.

What are the hazards?

In the event of a gas leak from an internal main pipe run, unburnt gas may accumulate in the motorhome. This can present an asphyxiation risk. If a source of ignition is present, there may also be a fire or explosion risk.

Incomplete or absent labelling may result of gas appliances being used incorrectly or unsafely and users not being aware of hazards.

What should consumers do?

Owners of affected vehicles should stop using the gas appliances in their motorhomes.

Owners will be contacted by The Motorhome Conversion Company to arrange for inspection and rectification work if required.

Where it is not practical for people to take their motorhome to the Motorhome Conversion Company workshop in Slacks Creek, Queensland, arrangements should be made with The Motorhome Conversion Company for the repair.

The Motorhome Conversion Company can be contacted at 1300 851 079 or 07 3808 9436 or 0414 380 106 or by email