Wireless Automation Systems — Tow Secure


Product description

The product is designed to engage in the event of a caravan becoming completely dislodged and separated from the tow vehicle, at which time it engages the caravan's brakes to help arrest the movement of the caravan.

What are the defects?

Some of the switches have been found to not work correctly (intermittently).

What are the hazards?

If the unit fails, the distance the caravan takes to stop could be longer and the caravan may potentially collide with persons or property, causing injury and/or damage.

What should consumers do?

All owners of the affected caravan owners have been notified and requested that they contact their nearest authorised dealer to arrange a time for inspection and if required, replacement of the unit.

All units presented to authorised dealerships will be inspected, tested and if found to be faulty, replaced immediately.