Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited — Ford Ranger


Product description

Target number: 59,254

What are the defects?

When driven over long grass affected vehicles may accumulate vegetation under the vehicle near the exhaust system.

What are the hazards?

The exhaust system in that area may reach a high temperature. If sufficient grass or other combustible material has accumulated, they may be ignited by the exhaust system, causing smoke or flames to appear from under the vehicle.

What should consumers do?

Ford will write to owners of all affected vehicles.

Until parts are available, owners should refer to the warnings in the Owner Manual, paying special attention to the sections:
– Starting and Stopping the Engine – General Information
– Starting and Stopping the Engine – Diesel particulate Filter
– Fuel and Refueling – Catalytic Converter

For further information, an owner can contact any authorised Ford Dealer or Ford's Customer Relationship centre on 1800 503 672.