Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd — DB9, DBS, Virage and Vanquish Motor Vehicles


Product description

The models affected are:
DB9 (Coupe and Volante)
DBS (Coupe and Volante)
Virage (Coupe and Volante)
Vanquish (2013 onwards, Coupe and Volante).

What are the defects?

On the affected vehicles, it is possible in some circumstances that when the right side front seat is operated to its fully rearward position that the seat runner can compress the battery supply cable and cause the seat to damage the battery supply cable. This can occur when the following conditions occur:
a) The seat has lost its calibration;
b) The seat calibration has not been correctly re-learned;
c) The right front seat is operated to its fully rearward position.

What are the hazards?

This may cause smoke in the passenger compartment and a risk of fire if combustible material is present.

What should consumers do?

Owners will be contacted by direct mail. Owners should contact their nearest Aston Martin dealer to arrange an inspection of the vehicle. The dealer will examine the battery supply cable for damage, and install a routing block at no cost to the owner.