Airmar Technology Corporation—1kW Transom-Mount Transducers


Product description

1kW Transom-mount plastic support bracket used with TM258, TM260, TM265 & TM270W transducers

Identifying features

Product affected: all 1kW Transom-mount transducers manufactured between October, 2011 and February, 2012

See attached spreadsheet for affected part numbers and serial numbers.

What are the defects?

The plastic transducer support used to attach 1kW Transom-mount transducers may break during installation or normal use.

What are the hazards?

The plastic transducer support may break. If failure occurs during use, the transducer may kick back into the cockpit of the boat and cause personal injury or damage to the hull. The transducer may also be damaged or lost.

What should consumers do?

Discontinue use until the plastic support is replaced.

Replacement procedure:
An Airmar representative will check the serial number and date code of the transducer to verify that it is affected.

1. Product not yet installed
(a) A replacement plastic support will be shipped directly to you. Remove and destroy the original plastic support.

2. Product already installed
(a) A modified plastic support will be shipped directly to you. There is an added cable channel in the modified support so the cable does not need to be re-routed through the boat.
(b) Refer to the Installation Supplement supplied with the plastic support for details of how to remove the original support and re-install the replacement.