American Honda Motor Co Inc—TRX500FE / FM All-Terrain Vehicles


Product description

TRX500FE / FM is a 500cc, four wheeled agricultural motorcycle. The FE and FM designation shows F = Four Wheel Drive, M = Manual Shift Transmission and E = Electric Shift Transmission.

Identifying features

2012 TRX500FM 1HFTE38UXC4000002 to 1HFTE38U1C4001801
2013 TRX500FM 1HFTE38U2D4100001 to 1HFTE38U1D4100300
2012 TRX500FE 1HFTE38U0C4060001 to 1HFTE38UXC4061320
2013 TRX500FE 1HFTE38U5D4160001 to 1HFTE38U9D4160180

What are the defects?

The affected VIN range has been expanded and some faulty shafts may have been missed. Some of the Steering Shafts fitted to these models may have been damaged during the manufacturing process, causing a slight bending and possible cracking of the shaft.

Please note this campaign has been reported previously, and some units may have already been inspected.

What are the hazards?

The shaft may break during use causing loss of steering control and possible accident.

What should consumers do?

Do not use the product until it has been inspected by a Honda Dealer and, if required, a new countermeasure steering shaft fitted. This applies even to units that been previously inspected, but not had a new shaft fitted.

Consumers should contact their local Honda dealer for further information.