Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd — FG II Ford Falcon Utility Vehicles


Product description

Campaign number: 16S22
Target number: 3 492

What are the defects?

The rear axle housing weld may crack resulting in an oil leak and potentially resulting in partial or full separation of the wheel assembly from the axle assembly.

What are the hazards?

This could result in rear suspension noise and in some cases, loss of steering control, a reduction or loss of brake performance and loss of motor power.

What should consumers do?

Ford will write to owners of all affected vehicles. Until the Safety Recall Service is complete the vehicle should be driven with caution and at moderate speed.

Owners are advised to contact their authorised Ford Dealership if their vehicle is affected for an inspection and rectification.

For further information, contact any authorised Ford Dealer or Ford's Customer Relationship Centre on 1800 503 672.