Marine Power International Pty Ltd—Mercury Diesel sterndrive engine


Product description

Diesel sterndrive marine engine

Identifying features

See attached action plan.

What are the defects?

The product is fitted with either a digital throttle and shift (DTS) or a mechanical throttle and shift. The issue identified only affects products that are fitted with a DTS. For these products, a failure of either the trim, pitot, steering or paddle wheel sensor could result in a reduction of sensor voltage and cause a misinterpretation of the DTS shift actuator's position.

What are the hazards?

The issue may result in the shift actuator shifting into forward gear during the engine start process, even though the electronic remote control handle is in the neutral position, the drive unit will remain in the forward gear until the failed sensor is disconnected causing a potential accident.

What should consumers do?

Contact their nearest authorized Mercury dealer and arrange for the engine to be inspected to check whether it has a DTS or a mechanical throttle and shift. If the engine has a DTS, the dealer will replace it with a redesigned vessel sensor harness which will avoid the issue set out above.